The Death of the Expanded Universe

Just a short moment of silence for one of the grandest and greatest fictional universes ever established. From the Yuuzhan Vong to the Thrawn books, from Jedi Outcast to the Legacy comics. It’s all gone, for better or worse, all turned to relics from a past where this new trilogy existed only in the imagination.

But as I watched Awakens, and I saw Poe Dameron’s blue X-Wing and Kylo Ren’s shuttle land, I felt excited: excited for all the new expansions possible in this new canon, from games to novels and short stories to comics. Perhaps a little removed compared to all the old stuff taking place right after the original trilogy, but closer to good and honest Star Wars than the prequels ever were.

And hey, it might take a little while for the really good stuff to appear. But it’s a whole new world to explore, and I’m strapped in. Here’s to the new EU, with whatever old elements that may return and all of the new ones that may arrive.



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