Axl Rosenberg: Best or GREATEST Journalman?

Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. Another grand piece of extremely informative investigative journalism by the clowns at MetalSucks. I move under a rock for a few months and this is what my ass is blasted with as soon as I start surfing the web? This is what I’m coming back to post on? I’ve had a bunch of shitty pieces all lined up and the first thing I decide to post upon coming back is a reaction to this? Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. So you read it on MetalSucks first, folks. Actually, don’t read it on MetalSucks. Just read it here: Deströyer 666 is officially totally racist!


Gee, when’d MetalSucks’ finest bum-tickling asswipe figure that one out? Here, let’s check to see when EVERYONE in the FUCKING WORLD did.







Holy moley, give the goon squad at MetalSucks a god damned PULITZER PRIZE! Man, Axl really had to dig deep for this scoop. If he really wanted to have a little neck beard sprinkling of triumphant pizzazz, maybe he could’ve waited until twenty-fucking-seventeen for the album’s 20th anniversary to break out this fascinating piece of news! Aw, man. I guess this revelation will completely negate the band’s entire career and reputation, just as it did Phil Anselmo–and Inquisition’s Dagon–in the eyes of the fans who totally cared and just willingly threw away their love for their music overnight.

What’s next? Will Axl Rosenberg finally write his long-awaited career-making piece on Satanic Warmaster and how Werewolf is totally a Nazi? He should watch out, though, seeing how his shitty site knowingly name-dropped them as a notable feature in their post for Hell’s Headbangers’ Hells Headbash Part 2 DVD, which features a performance by the totally Nazi super Nazi band who are racist and Nazis (did you know they’re fucking Nazis dude?). Hopefully he’ll condemn Polish underground sensation Mgła for being on the same label as Satanic Nazimaster, those racist motherfuckers!


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