MetalSucks Apologizes for Shameless, Libelous Hit Piece, Immediately Deletes Post


As you may be able to tell, the URL reads: “Apology Destroyer 666.”

Yesterday, July 18, MetalSucks put up an apology after realizing what deep shit their imprudent and absolutely thoughtlessly made “Deströyer 666 are OFFICIALLY racist” posts had gotten them in. I’m late again, I see. Well, what do you do, huh? Then again, I honestly, honestly didn’t expect MetalSucks to be so spineless, skinless, and cowardly.

MetalSucks has picked the wrong fight and come out with their tail between their legs and their collective three-inch dick in a miniature cast, and have deleted all of their Destöyer 666 related articles after making strong, irreversible and outright libelous accusations about someone’s character. All of them have been vaporized. Except for their cocky references in their “Top Ten Posts on MetalSucks This Week.”


Guys, those links don’t lead anywhere! How will we see such awesome posts?

Yeah, the bastards got gored and their damage control is to just purge everything. The scruples-lacking senseless twits even deleted their stupid, last-minute apology. Holy SHIT, did MS actually believe nothing would happen after doing something as dirt-fucking-stupid as trying to defamate a band that obtains raw fucking life force from controversy and not giving a rat’s ass about it?

While MS claim in their half-assed apology that their original inflammatory articles were deleted because “Black metal band Deströyer 666 have been receiving death threats,” it’s apparent that the actual cause for both an apology and subsequent article deletions was possible legal action on the part of the infuriated band, as well as a very convincing Facebook post several hours earlier where frontman K.K. Warslut reiterated the names of MetalSucks co-founders Matt “Axl Rosenberg” Goldberg and Ben “Vince Neilstein” Umanov (as well as the latter’s address). Yes. Deströyer 666 doxxed MetalSucks. Now, it’s just a theory, but it’s possible that the deletion of the apology itself is most likely due to the veritable flood of “HAHA GET REKT YOU STUPID FUCKS, FINALLY” comments that completely consumed it (a shit storm that has also spread to the rest of their recent posts).

Aside from its false “don’t want nobody hurt” excuse, perhaps the most thoroughly insulting thing about the apology is that it’s simply signed “MetalSucks,” letting Axl hide behind the comfort of anonymity and his site’s entity, rather than growing a pair and apologizing for his bullshit. “Oh, shit, MetalSucks is sorry.” What a hack. The prick puts the burden of his adult responsibility on a trademark, rather than confronting the problem he started. Spineless. Skinless. Cowardly. And I guess nobody at his worthless, sensationalist site thought anything of it.

If you want to read the apology, as well as the attempted character assassination that started the whole mess, you can find it all on Google (or Yahoo’s) lovely, lovely cache function in the search results page. Speed on, Deströyer 666, and don’t ever let anybody tell you what to do.


Axl Rosenberg: Best or GREATEST Journalman?

Holy shit. HOLY SHIT. Another grand piece of extremely informative investigative journalism by the clowns at MetalSucks. I move under a rock for a few months and this is what my ass is blasted with as soon as I start surfing the web? This is what I’m coming back to post on? I’ve had a bunch of shitty pieces all lined up and the first thing I decide to post upon coming back is a reaction to this? Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. So you read it on MetalSucks first, folks. Actually, don’t read it on MetalSucks. Just read it here: Deströyer 666 is officially totally racist!


Gee, when’d MetalSucks’ finest bum-tickling asswipe figure that one out? Here, let’s check to see when EVERYONE in the FUCKING WORLD did.







Holy moley, give the goon squad at MetalSucks a god damned PULITZER PRIZE! Man, Axl really had to dig deep for this scoop. If he really wanted to have a little neck beard sprinkling of triumphant pizzazz, maybe he could’ve waited until twenty-fucking-seventeen for the album’s 20th anniversary to break out this fascinating piece of news! Aw, man. I guess this revelation will completely negate the band’s entire career and reputation, just as it did Phil Anselmo–and Inquisition’s Dagon–in the eyes of the fans who totally cared and just willingly threw away their love for their music overnight.

What’s next? Will Axl Rosenberg finally write his long-awaited career-making piece on Satanic Warmaster and how Werewolf is totally a Nazi? He should watch out, though, seeing how his shitty site knowingly name-dropped them as a notable feature in their post for Hell’s Headbangers’ Hells Headbash Part 2 DVD, which features a performance by the totally Nazi super Nazi band who are racist and Nazis (did you know they’re fucking Nazis dude?). Hopefully he’ll condemn Polish underground sensation Mgła for being on the same label as Satanic Nazimaster, those racist motherfuckers!

Goodbye, Lemmy.

Lemmy Kilmister passed away last night. He was 70.

“Legend”, “Icon”, “The embodiment of Rock ‘n’ Roll”. There are a mountainous lot of words to describe Lemmy Kilmister, and all of them righteous in their own way. What can be said that hasn’t been? The man made a legacy that grew in his own lifetime, and during his years, he received recognition for it in the forms of endless adoration and admiration. Without Motörhead, extreme metal would be a very different place, if even a place at all. The band informed and injected heavy metal with a sense of unparalleled speed, propelled by weight and agitation that set the stage alight for raunch and aggression.

I doubt I can come up with anything new to say about the man, but at least I can pay my respects, and say goodbye. Despite having never met him or even having looked at him in the flesh, I feel like I’ve lost a part of me, a hole that grows the more the news of Lemmy’s passing weighs down on me. Like many other metalheads around the globe, his music was a stepping stone into my appreciation of heavy metal, one of the genre’s very first bands I ever heard, and the one that created a ravenous hunger for raw, thrashy, ugly music that grew into a love of Tank, Bulldozer, Warfare, Venom, Celtic Frost and Bathory—his pupils, his children. Motörhead has always been and always will be a favorite, and despite the homages and imitators and the band’s own unrelenting output of music, they remained clearly and uniquely themselves, a crystalline image and sound dwelling in my mind, powered by the gritty and grizzled rasp and the thundering bulldozer bass of the weathered pillar himself. We all knew he was going to go, but we didn’t think he would go so suddenly.

It’s always odd to think that something you love is gone forever.

Rest in peace, Ian Fraser “Lemmy” Kilmister. You old bastard.

The Trio.jpg

I always knew the only way
Is never live beyond today
They proved me right
They proved me wrong
But they could never last this long
My life, my heart, black night, dark star.


The Death of the Expanded Universe

Just a short moment of silence for one of the grandest and greatest fictional universes ever established. From the Yuuzhan Vong to the Thrawn books, from Jedi Outcast to the Legacy comics. It’s all gone, for better or worse, all turned to relics from a past where this new trilogy existed only in the imagination.

But as I watched Awakens, and I saw Poe Dameron’s blue X-Wing and Kylo Ren’s shuttle land, I felt excited: excited for all the new expansions possible in this new canon, from games to novels and short stories to comics. Perhaps a little removed compared to all the old stuff taking place right after the original trilogy, but closer to good and honest Star Wars than the prequels ever were.

And hey, it might take a little while for the really good stuff to appear. But it’s a whole new world to explore, and I’m strapped in. Here’s to the new EU, with whatever old elements that may return and all of the new ones that may arrive.